Spread JOY Sensations Bundle

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Double up the Joy with 2 of our much loved Joy Blends. Our JOY, MELLOW, ZEST and FIERCE blends are each uniquely made to cater to different needs, allowing you to adjust your mood throughout the day.

This 5 Blends Package deal will stimulate the senses and give you boost of happiness, no matter where you are. It welcomes you to a world filled with total satisfaction. ❤️

  • NO TOBACCO, NO NICOTINE, GMOs, gluten, diacetyl or propylene glycol.
  • 100% NATURAL , Vegan, Organic and ECO FRIENDLY.
  • Enjoy the benefits of essential oils in the most convenient and direct way.
  • Easy to use (unpack, breathe in through your mouth and breathe out through your nose).
  • Zense - the easiest way to experience aromatherapy on the go.

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Formula & Ingredients

We’ve worked hard to make ZENSE blends the best quality product available. Each of our blends is divided into a specially developed recipe, consisting of 20% organic essential oils and 80% organic plant-based glycerin. 🌿

🌱 We need the best recipe to create the best experience, so we stick to a strict non-GMO policy. We also avoid harmful additives like artificial flavours and colours. For the full list of ingredients of the 4 blends included in the Spread Joy Sensations Bundle check below.


How it works

Each aromatherapy diffuser is made from an extensively tested stainless steel design that adheres to our rigorous safety standards. The portable devices are powered by a lithium battery that’s already in place. When your diffuser is activated, it starts warming the pre-loaded blend of organic plant-based extracts and essential oils, so you can enjoy its mist on the go.

With moderate use, you can expect to enjoy approximately 300 breaths from your ZENSE diffuser. 💨If you use the device even less than the average of 2-3 breaths peruse, a single portable diffuser may last for up to 30 days. No matter your preference, we recommend up to 3 uses per day to maintain the potency of the aromatherapy.