Pillow Cubid

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Transform your sleep with the Zense Pillow Cubid

The Zense Pillow Cubid was created to be the perfect bed for your head – a cube shaped pillow that is made from hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and high-rebound foam to maximise head support and reduce neck pain in the morning.

Why not give you a highly engineered, Structurally soft, perfectly shaped bed for your head? And we wrapped it all up in a silky smooth stretchy cover.


  • Small, it fits whenever needed: home, travel, work desk, train or plane ride, yoga session
  • Perfect for proper head support, aiding with neck pain
  • A great fit for side sleepers and pregnant women
  • May assist in decreasing sleep apnea 
  • Increased comfort

Quality Assurance Guarantee

We guarantee that your Pillow Cubid is made with the highest quality materials and with utmost care. Every single pillow goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that you only received the best of the best! All our Lavender is sourced from organic farms all over the world...only the best for you!

Please note that we are unable to accept returns of any Pillow Cubid due to hygiene reasons.

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What our community has to say


Our classic 5 inch Pillow Cubid is suitable for not just adults, but also children and those who are more petite. This Pillow Cubid fits perfectly on a work desk (we won’t tell your boss), and is great for train and plane rides. Ensure that you are giving your head, neck and spine the perfect treatment even all day long, regardless of where you are!


Our 7 inch Pillow Cubid is perfect for those with slightly larger heads, or for using at home on the couch whilst watching television or using the computer. The 7 inch Cubid offers utmost comfort whether at home, at the office or simply when you’re headed to sleep!



Our ‘5 inch Duo Pack’ and ‘7 inch Duo Pack’ offer you 2 Pillow Cubids instead of 1. Keep one pillow at the office and one at home, or simply spoil yourself and a loved one with the gift of a Zense Pillow Cube. You deserve it!