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Slow Deep Breaths Offer A Good Night’s Rest

Breathe in a state of peace and calm, drawing in the rest you desire through the tranquil essence of MELLOW. Lose yourself in the relaxing combination of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, and Soothing Valerian. Its sultry tones remind you of a symphony of late night lullabies. MELLOW is a welcome end to a long day. Prepare to enjoy an evening you won’t soon forget.

  • NO TOBACCO, NO NICOTINE, GMOs, gluten, diacetyl or propylene glycol.
  • 100% NATURAL , Vegan, Organic and ECO FRIENDLY.
  • Enjoy the benefits of essential oils in the most convenient and direct way.
  • Easy to use (unpack, breathe in through your mouth and breathe out through your nose).
  • Zense - the simplest way to experience aromatherapy on the go.

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Organic Lavender

Extracted By: All-Natural Steam Distillation
~ ~ ~
One of the most widely regarded essential oils for invoking states of relaxation and calm, the French Lavare used in MELLOW by ZENSE helps bring comfort to your entire body. Enjoy a much more satisfying sleep as your muscles are soothed by its regenerative properties. Research proves that lavender essential oil helps you wind down, while improving your response and concentration.


Organic Sweet Marjoram

Extracted By: All-Natural Steam Distillation
~ ~ ~
The Goddess Venus is said to have bestowed a wonderful spicy aroma on Sweet Marjoram. From the mint family, the scent is calming, nurturing and warming so its natural properties are perfect to inhale. Breathe deeply and anticipate a deep, calming relaxation and a peaceful sense of well-being. Sleep is both restorative and nourishing. Organic sweet Marjoram is a comfort to the senses.


Organic Valerian

Extracted By: All-Natural Steam Distillation
~ ~ ~
Native to both Europe and Asia, Organic Valerian is perfect for harmonising mind and body promoting equilibrium within and encouraging deep, relaxing sleep. With its sweet-smelling essence with warm, woody and balsamic undertones, it is said to capture the essence of summer. It calms and dissipates the stresses of the day, while reducing restlessness and anxiety. Organic valerian essential oil is nature’s calming remedy.

Additional Ingredients in MELLOW:

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, Organic Bitter Orange Essential Oil, Organic Copaiba Essential Oil, Organic Dill Seed Essential Oil, Organic Hyssop Essential Oil, Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil, Organic Mandarin Essential Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Petitgrain Essential Oil, Organic Thyme Essential Oil, Organic Vegetable Glycerin ,Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Zense Pen Lifetime: 3 to 4 weeks

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