Understanding the scientific power of plants:

‘Scent’ is like the skeleton key that unlocks the many memories, emotions, and beliefs housed in your brain. Those transformative terpenes use scent to awaken olfactory neurons in your body.

Breathing in the fragrance of a ZENSE blend applies the data extracted from certain scents and transmits its message to the olfactory connection in your brain. The brain then acts as a central command centre that shares the message with other areas that control your body’s physical reactions. As a result, essential oils can impact your emotions, creating an enlightening experience just by breathing them in.

Learning how the brain responds to olfactory stimulation:

‘Scent’ is like the skeleton key that unlocks the many memories, emotions, and beliefs housed in your brain. Those transformative terpenes use scent to awaken olfactory neurons in your body. Breathing in the fragrance of a ZENSE blend applies the data extracted from certain scents and transmits its message to the olfactory connection in your brain. The brain then acts as a central command centre that shares the message with other areas that control your body’s physical reactions. As a result, essential oils can impact your emotions, creating an enlightening experience just by breathing them in.


We’ve worked hard to make ZENSE blends the best quality product available. We’ve taken the time to cultivate sustainably sourced raw materials to transfer into the finest essential oils. Each of our blends is divided into a specially developed recipe, consisting of 20% organic essential oils and 80% organic plant-based glycerin. 🌿

We consider our partners the greatest asset in our operation, so we’ve been extremely selective while choosing our suppliers. ZENSE ingredients are sourced from sustainable U.S. and worldwide herbalists and horticulturists. We ensure that all of our botanical ingredients meet and exceed our commitment to quality.

At times, supply may require use to partner with global vendors. We have scoured the earth in search of the best distillers from around the globe. When using international suppliers, all raw materials are transported to our U.S.-based facilities, so we can monitor the extraction process from start to finish. Every ZENSE blend is produced from non-genetically modified plants. The success of our products directly relies on using organically grown, sustainably harvested wildcrafted vegetation. To maintain the purity of our ingredients, ZENSE relies on an all-natural extraction process, either steam distillation or CO2 extraction. Our experts take their time, ensuring that each blend is crafted to perfection.

Specifically diluted to guarantee your health and safety, our high-quality mixtures are the evidence of years of comprehensive study and research. (Note: Any users who may have allergies to any of the following ingredients should contact your doctor or ZENSE directly, before enjoying our products.


Quality Construction Delivers Superior Products:

Our primary focus is to deliver a supreme aromatherapy experience to all of our users. With all the time and attention invested into developing the perfect ZENSE blends, constructing superior portable diffusers was the final step in the equation.
Let us answer a few common questions to tell you all about the innovative technology that makes the ZENSE experience possible.

The Diffuser:

Crafted out of quality 304 stainless steel, we’ve designed a lightweight, yet the durable case that completes our user’s experience. We’ve highlighted each ZENSE blend with a layer of nontoxic paint, all of which is certified lead-free. Stamped with the name of your favourite blend, we’ve also highlighted its main ingredients on the body’s exterior.

The Power:

Each portable aromatherapy diffuser is powered by small, but mighty .0004-gram recyclable lithium-ion batteries. Registering at a 210mAh capacity, we’ve tested our batteries for efficiency and we’re pleased by the way our devices warm your favourite ZENSE blends. Withstanding temperatures up to around 120° C, we’ve put extra measures in place to make sure the battery is protected from the diffuser’s heat source. These added safety measures prevent the risk of sparks or combustion. Rarely, devices may be activated so often that the diffuser begins to overheat. If this happens, simply leave it on a solid non-flammable surface (stone, tile, or similar materials) and allow the device to cool down.

The Heat Source:

Our devices raise ZENSE blends to approximately 215°C using nickel chromium resistance wire. Silica threads form a wick between the essential oil blend and the heat source. As you gently breathe in, you’ll draw approximately 0.0033 mL of the essential oils into the heating chamber.

The Testing Process:

Each device has earned a seal of approval from the FCC. This means that you can safely enjoy ZENSE blends without fearing the effects of electromagnetic interference. Conversely, if there is electromagnetic interference around, it will not affect your device’s performance.

The Manufacturing Process:

ZENSE takes pride in relying on ethical sourcing and manufacturing methods for all of our devices. Even as we partner with global manufacturing companies, we only choose those who share our passion for maintaining an ethical operation. Each manufacturer must pass extensive testing and approval processes hosted by third-party auditors. In doing so, we maintain the integrity of ZENSE and its partners and ensure the safety of our products for our customers. From assembly to distribution, we maintain standards that align with our values. We guarantee that adult labourers in international facilities are limited to 8 hour workdays and everyone is properly trained in health and safety requirements.

Safety Verifications:

ZENSE does not allow child labour or stressed work conditions at any of our manufacturing facilities. Assemblers only work 8 hours per day and are not forced to perform beyond their capacity. These findings comply with the policies of the International Labor Organization.


It only takes smooth, steady breaths to enjoy the effects of your favourite ZENSE blends:

  1. Reveal your new ZENSE diffuser by sliding it out of its packaging.
  2. Place your lips around the mouthpiece.
  3. Gently draw breath into your mouth, stopping your inhalation before it enters your lungs.
  4. Hold the mist in your mouth for a few short seconds.
  5. Release while breathing out through your nose.

With moderate use, you can expect to enjoy approximately 300 breaths from your ZENSE diffuser. If you use the device even less than the average of 2-3 breaths peruse, a single portable diffuser may last for up to 30 days. No matter your preference, we recommend up to 3 uses per day to maintain the potency of the aromatherapy.

Adapting to Innovation

The concept of enjoying portable aromatherapy diffusers is one that some are still working to accept. ZENSE is designed to do more than fill your olfactory bulb with scented mist. We aim to deliver a satisfying sensory experience through the use of quality organic blends.

Miracle Exhalations

Throughout history, the breath has been credited for incredible healing properties. We advise our users to exhale ZENSE blends through the nose, rather than the mouth. This variation in your breath allows the molecules dancing around in the mist created from our oils to trigger the entrance to your olfactory system found in your nose. Research shows that this is the best way to experience the sensational effects of our aromatic blends. Within 5 minutes, you’ll start to feel the effects reach its peak.

Even though the experience is quite enjoyable, we advise users to pace out each session. After a few gentle breaths, give your body some time to adapt to the therapy. By spacing out each use, you’ll better maintain the overall effects stimulated by ZENSE blends.


Delivering the finest quality products is our promise to you. The team of scientists, researchers, horticulturists, herbalists, and aromatherapy specialists that partner with ZENSE all shares the same goal. Together, we’re able to deliver a custom assortment of 100% organic ingredients. From our sustainably sourced essential oils to the plant-based vegetable glycerin used in our vapour, the powers of aromatherapy have never been safer.

The personal diffusers used to deliver our most favoured ZENSE blends have also undergone an intensive development process. They may technically be considered vaporizers, but our products are nothing like the typical vapes and e-cigarettes you’ll find from other suppliers. ZENSE blends are all-natural, free of harmful additives like nicotine, tobacco, artificial ingredients, and GMOs. The mist from our beloved ZENSE blends is only derived from the quality ingredients sourced from our partners.

Each aromatherapy diffuser is made from an extensively tested stainless steel design that adheres to our rigorous safety standards. The portable devices are powered by a lithium battery that’s already in place. When your diffuser is activated, it starts warming the pre-loaded blend of organic plant-based extracts and essential oils, so you can enjoy its mist on the go.

Understanding the Process

ZENSE devices are the product of creative ingenuity and years of hard work. Modern advancements have allowed us to transform the power of an in-home diffuser into a hand-held personal device, creating a brand new experience for our users.

Slow, steady breathing activates the portable diffuser, powering a tiny battery that warms the pre-filled ZENSE blend. When the liquid is heated, the device releases a stimulating mist made of water vapour, CO2, and our specialty oils.

As you breathe in, your body will experience healing relief triggered by the revitalizing terpenes found in our blends. Simply hold the mist inside your mouth and, when you’re ready, gently breathe out through your nose. Remember, don’t inhale the ZENSE mist into your lungs; stop the inhalation in our mouth. Although it’s 100% safe, the terpenes aren’t as effective, if they’re absorbed by your lungs.

Compare ZENSE to Smoking

In short, the two are like apples to oranges. ZENSE blends don’t burn, so there is no smoke to inhale. After activating your device and following the steps above, you will see a light mist when you exhale. Although it looks like smoke, it’s nothing more than water vapour. Think about it like the hazy steam that escapes your freezer when you open the door on a hot day. When your portable aromatherapy diffuser is in full effect, the liquid blend reaches over 200°. Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing. Our high-quality stainless steel devices are designed to diffuse the temperature, keeping it cool to the touch.


ZENSE blends are hand-selected to deliver a custom experience. We only source our ingredients from our trusted partners, all in accordance with our ever-growing sustainability efforts. Local farms and gardens across the United States and across the globe are the primary reason why we can maintain such high-quality recipes. To learn more about our ingredients and the unique experiences they offer, take a trip to our Products page and prepare to be blown away.

From start to finish, our process is fairly simple. First, we start by sourcing 100% organic and sustainable plant-based ingredients. 🌱 We need the best recipe to create the best experience, so we stick to a strict non-GMO policy. We also avoid harmful additives like artificial flavours and colours. The only thing used in ZENSE blends are wildcrafted plants grown under the best conditions.
At times, seasonal harvests require us to work with international partners. The extraction method is kept as natural as possible. We only use steam distillation or CO2 extraction methods – and we never add alcohol at any stage of the process.

Then, custom combinations of certified organic essential oils are blended into an experience you’ll have to witness for yourself. ZENSE takes the wonders of aromatherapy and transcends it into something truly fantastic.

Starting with vegetable glycerin base, we carefully blend quality oils to create your favourite blends. Be advised that, anyone with allergies to any type of essential oils should contact us or your doctor prior to using our products.


Are ZENSE Products The Same As e-Cigarettes?

Not at all. You will never find the nicotine, tobacco, and other harmful ingredients used to create e-cigarettes in a ZENSE blend. We take pride in delivering a much safer product that offers a much more satisfactory experience. We leave out all the artificial flavours and synthetic chemicals, in favour of sustainable 100% organic plant-based ingredients.

Can Anyone Use ZENSE portable diffusers?

Yes, and No.We suggest that ZENSE only is enjoyed by users over the age of 18. Though we know you’d love to indulge in the relaxing qualities of custom blends, we also advise that women who are pregnant or nursing avoid using them. Pregnant women should consult this article from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy to learn more about which plants should be avoided.

Nothing in our products are illegal, and our ingredients are completely safe, but we think it’s best to avoid encouraging underage users to adopt habits that could lead to impressionable decisions. Our products are nothing like cigarettes. In fact, you do not smoke them at all. Still, the action can persuade users who lack the maturity to understand the difference between the two. Additionally, individuals who suffer from respiratory illnesses or infections should avoid anything that can trigger a reaction. This includes people who have chronic pulmonary conditions like asthma.

Are the ZENSE ingredients compliant?

As much as we care about you and your health, we’d never use any type of illegal substances in our products. ZENSE strictly contains pure 100% organic plant-based ingredients; none of which happen to be tobacco, nicotine, cannabis, or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Our essential oil blends are not drugs, and they’re legal throughout the entire United States. We’ve also expanded into global territory. Search for your country in our Shipping Policy.

What EXACTLY is in the ZENSE blends?

ZENSE blends are only made from 100% certified organic plants sourced from right here in the United States. Each of our blends is all-natural and free of harmful toxins and ingredients like formaldehyde, nickel, tin, lead, aluminium, or GMOs. We also never use any artificial flavours like diacetyl.

The plants used in our blends are verified to guarantee our quality standards. There may be times when we need to source from global farms and gardens to supplement but, if that happens, we bring all raw materials back to the U.S. for an all-natural extraction process. Our oils are created using CO2 or steam distillation, two completely safe methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration.