Paleo Air – Breathe Clean, Fresh Air from the Past

With life ever stressful and processed foods becoming the norm, the Paleo diet or caveman diet as it is often called provides a fresh look at the type of nutrition that would have been utilised a long time ago. The ideology is to turn away from processed foods and to rekindle the diet of man’s early ancestors. But the Paleo concept can go much deeper than this. It is of course about the traditional methods of gathering food and reconnecting with nature, but there is an emphasis on breathing in fresh, pure air. Known as Paleo Air, to understand it, we must quite simply turn back time.

The Paleolithic period occurred around two million years ago. At this time, early man lived off the land hunting and gathering rather than living as farmers. Their diet consisted of fruits, nuts, vegetables and game without any grains. Following this time period, agriculture and early farming practices began and life for man changed considerably. In modern times, the dependency on grain has grown – consider wheat bread, pasta, rice or corn but in addition to these dietary changes, our lifestyles generally are very different.

Why Paleo Air is important

Today, the air we breathe is polluted quite badly. Man’s interference on the land has had a significant impact on health. During the Paleolithic period, the air would have been much healthier than it is today and there would have been little pollutants to worry about. Nowadays, we have many harmful gases, emissions from cars, factory chemicals, dust, pollen, and particles all of which can cause allergies and disease. The pollution in the air is also affected by the seasons and the weather. If there is reduced air movement, pollution levels can accumulate.

Pollution generally is a significant risk to health. Certainly, those who suffer from lung or heart disease are vulnerable as are the elderly and young children. But if we believe that air pollution dangers are all outside, we would be very wrong. There are risks inside the house too.

Consider mould, tobacco smoke, pesticides, carbon monoxide, cleaning products and building materials which could include formaldehyde, lead and asbestos. Every time we breathe in, we inhale contaminants and that is why there is a very real need for Paleo Air. The human brain needs to have enough levels of oxygen to work at optimal level and it requires approximately 30 percent of the body’s energy to do this. It cannot store energy, so needs to gain it constantly. Air pollution has a detrimental effect on the development of the brain too. Of course, we know that clean air is vital but whether we are inside or outside in built-up areas, the air we breathe is still likely to be contaminated. Sadly, not everyone has a green, life-giving forest on their doorstep.

For many, city landscapes are all that they have. There may be an intrinsic desire to spend time in nature, but it is not possible. There is no doubt that spending time in a forest relaxing and immersing yourself with nature is healing. It is beneficial to both mind and body. The natural scents of nature fill the air all around and this helps to improve mood, increase energy levels and can even balance and heal the immune system. The breath is life and so, when we breathe, our mood and emotional responses change all thanks to nature’s essential oils. Breathing has a direct correlation with the mind and essential oils can intensify the effect.

Anyone who has experienced respiratory problems will know the importance of air quality. Aromatherapy can help with the lungs, it is also an excellent way to bring the power of nature to you. Fresh clean air from the forest – termed Paleo Air is possible – and if not available by sitting serenely in one of the great forests, it can now be obtained by using modern technology and bringing a little of the Paleolithic time into your life by way of diffusers.

Understanding the science

Paleo Air contains a number of all-important secondary metabolites and it is believed that this air is much closer to the air inhaled by those early humans. As such, it is healthier as it will not have harmful pollutants. The secondary metabolites occur quite naturally within plants, so it is all-natural.

Their aim is to protect the plant from invading insects or general damage and include various compounds including alkaloids, terpenes and phenolics. Secondary metabolites also play a significant role in food. Research indicates that certain ‘volatiles’ – chemical elements and compounds with low boiling points play an important part in relation to preferences for nutritional food. Secondary metabolites aid the plant through gaining vital nutrients such as nitrogen. So, plants that have secondary metabolites benefit people as they are high in nutrients. Terpenes in particular, are important for human health.

There are three main groups of secondary metabolites:

  1. Terpenes
  2. Phenolics
  3. Alkaloids

Alkaloids have important physiological effects on us:

Saponins – help to reduce harmful cholesterol and prevent build up within the arteries. They aid cardiovascular health.
Alkaloids – caffeine is an alkaloid produced in a variety of young leaves and this will have a direct impact on the nervous system. It acts as a stimulant while also blocking adenosine in the brain. \
Terpenoids – along with phytoncides are produced by the plant’s essential oils but are designed to deter insects and to protect the plant. These essential oils are hugely beneficial to the health of people.

The importance of Paleo Air

Research indicates that people often spend only a fraction of time outside. In the US for example, those who are working may only spend approximately 2 percent of their time outside and the rest at home or, at work. So, this gives us an indicator as to the unhealthy lifestyles of many and the importance of resetting the clock so to try to emulate how those early ancestors would have lived. We must consider that during the Paleolithic time period, the emphasis would have been on spending time with nature, eating or grazing on food sources available during hunting, gathering trips. There would have been a nomadic theme to their lives so that they could forage. Today, for most people, this lifestyle is just not possible however, it is possible to alter and embrace food types eradicating or at least, reducing processed foods and all grains and trying to reconnect with nature.

Spending time in the forest and living free from harmful pollutants and chemicals would be the optimal solution. It is simply life at its best. When there, the natural scents and aromas can boost and intensify their healing properties. Simply by sitting and relaxing in the midst of a forest scene, it’s possible to inhale natural phytoncides (essential oils) that are released from trees and to feel so much better as a result. Essential oils work so quickly and just a short time relishing nature can have a considerable impact on health and well-being. But when this is not available, Paleo Air provides a solution.

What Paleo Air can do for you?

So, we know that Paleo Air is the same or very similar to the air that our ancestors would have inhaled. We also know that in stone-age times, without pollution, life would have been much healthier so, this means we must somehow alter the condition of air around us or, use Paleo Air directly. This dispenser has been designed to emulate nature bringing the old ways back to the fore and boosting health and wellbeing easily.

Life is stressful but strip it back to its core and suddenly, it becomes much simpler. There are so many benefits on mind and body when you use Paleo Air including a reduction of stress, a balance to glucose metabolism and the immune system receives a boost so that it can function correctly. Remember that Paleo Air is akin to time spent relaxing in a forest environment and as such, once inhaled, the stresses of the day start to dissipate very quickly. As you breathe in, you breathe out tension, it is as simple as that.

Forest bathing

In Japan, people indulge in forest bathing and this is becoming increasingly common. There is an emphasis on the joys of nature and absorbing every part of the forest scene through the senses. It’s about being mindful, letting go of thoughts and inner angst and healing through nature all with good clean air of course. it is about immersing yourself and this means turning the clock back to the Paleolithic time and reconnecting with the natural way of living. If miles away from green space, forest bathing may seem impossible but, at least there is an alternative as it has been proven that time with nature can help to improve the cells which fight against cancer or bacterial or viral infections. This is tremendously important, and it takes very little time to harmonise the body in this way.

Essential oils and Paleo Air

Using essential oils to increase health and to improve air quality makes sense. Aromatherapy has long been used as a safe healing medicine. The oils are extracted for their various chemicals and during inhalation, they stimulate the smell receptors in the nose impacting the entire nervous system and limbic system. They play a critical role in brain energy and overcoming fatigue and can maximise alertness. They can also aid sleep and deep relaxation while also boosting immune function. Of course, each oil has its own unique function and it can take some time to understand fully how to blend these oils successfully.

Many people use essential oils in a diffuser, but it is not always easy to match the compounds. Equally, when starting out, multiple oils will be required. If you just want the results rather than spending time learning about the oils, portable essential oil diffusers provide an easy way to bring the healing power of essential oils and Paleo Air to you.

How to use ZENSE Paleo Air

These oil diffusers are so simple to use. Simply, choose the desired blend and breathe in through the mouth, exhaling fully through the nose. There is little need to become an expert in essential oils as they have already been blended and are sustainable complete with botanical extracts. Importantly, the healing ingredients within the essential oils harmonise. The most difficult aspect is choosing the blend to match your mood.

ZENSE Paleo Air provides a viable option for those who cannot spend much time in the great outdoors. It is fully portable without any tobacco or nicotine ingredients within and there are no artificial ingredients. Importantly, this product has not been tested on animals.

There are many different blends and so, the type is simply personal choice, but the Active diffuser is designed to breathe natural energy and increase sense of purpose. Think of it as a self-motivating blend with its heady combination of bitter orange, black pepper and sage. These pure essential oils are diffused in just the right levels so you can breathe in pure healing energy with absolute confidence and your mind and body will have a taste of that simpler way of life.