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Enhancing Your Yoga Experience: The Power of Aromatherapy

It’s an ancient practice that can be traced to many eastern cultures, dating back more than 5000 years. Do you know what it is? You’ve seen it in your local parks. Sometimes, you’ll catch a glimpse at the gym or rec center. You’ll see infomercials, DVDs, and tons of challenges on social media. No matter where you turn, it’s clear that yoga is officially taking the world by storm – all over again!  

Contrary to popular opinion, yoga is not just a form of exercise, but a union of the mind, body, and soul. The results treats practitioners to maximal benefits and supreme relaxation. Yoga facilitates a complete detox of the entire life system.

You may be asking yourself, “How is aromatherapy and yoga related?” We’ll break it down for you in just a minute. In the meantime, we want you to think about all it takes to experience natural rejuvenation. It requires synchronicity; harmony shared throughout every aspect of your life. In their own way, both of these therapeutic practices treat you to the benefits of combining art and science.

All About Yoga

Aside from all the hashtags and trending buzz, yoga is a deeply spiritual experience. It calls for you to explore the depths of the physical, mental, and spiritual practices that bring peace and harmony to the planet.

Yoga cleanses the body and mind. By incorporating a variety of techniques, ranging from controlled breaths to intricate postures/poses known as asanas, yoga takes a holistic stance on helping you discover the limitless the power shared in our human experience.  

The Magic of Aromatherapy

In many ways, aromatherapy mirrors yoga. Each are ancient traditions that share profound mental, physical, and spiritual relief. Both present a pathway that can help you redefine your outlook and transform your perspective. Rather than manipulating the body in specially arranged ways, aromatherapy makes use of natural essential oils extracted from herbs and plants. (Many may be in your very own garden!)

The essence of spiritually enriching plant-based ingredients is captured, then transmitted in a way that immerses you in a sensory stimulating experience.

Aromatherapy encourages the olfactory system to utilize your sense of smell to trigger certain reactions in the brain. Believe it or not, our sense of smell is one of the strongest of all human senses. In fact, by catching the scent of the right aroma, you can release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine; the natural hormones associated with relaxation and a higher state of well-being.

Just like yoga, aromatherapy can help detoxify the mind, body, and soul of harmful toxins and negative energies, leaving you feeling refreshed, calm, balanced, and focused.

Aromatherapy Enhances Yoga

It is no surprise that many yogis have taken the added benefits of aromatherapy and applied it to their practice. Yoga practitioners vastly multiply the benefits of the ancient therapy by allowing aromatic essences to bring balance and harmony to their environment.

Essential oils release a powerful aroma that can whisk you away into an otherworldly state of mind. The blissful combination naturally magnifies your yoga practice at home or in the studio.  Aromatherapy helps you peacefully visualize tranquil settings that promote deep meditative frequencies. Fill your space with intoxicating all-natural fragrances that relax your being, as it slips away into boundless states of euphoria.

Imagine being engaged in your daily yoga session while inhaling the fragrance of fresh flowers and cool mountain air. With the right aromatic combination, you’ll be treated to an invigorating experience that revitalizes you down to the tiniest cells.

If you incorporate chakra therapy inspired by ancient Indian beliefs, enhance your daily yoga routine through essential oils that can help you stimulate the seven centers of spiritual energy in your body. Balancing your chakras brings an unparalleled sense of peace and calm. Let aromatherapy catalyze this transformation in partnership with other ancient traditions.

Using Essential Oils During Yoga

It is important to choose the right aroma when blending essential oils for your yoga practice. Consider the time of the day, the feelings you wish to invoke, or the energies you want to release and unblock. The goal is to develop blends that bring you peace and tranquility at night and ones that leave you awake and energized at the start of the day. Rather than researching the hundreds of possibilities on your own, let ZENSE help you decide exactly what you need!

Our researchers have invested intense hours of research into hand-selecting the most effective ZENSE blends. Our studies helped us identify exactly which essential oils you need and, more importantly, when.

We know that yogis will enjoy the deep relaxation properties of ingredients like our organic lavender essential oil. When complimented by relaxing postures at the end of the night, you’re sure to drift off into the best sleep of your life.

On the other hand, ZENSE offers a different take on blends designed to help you start your day. Using sharp citrus oils, your Surya Namaskar, the sun salutation asana, will feel even more electric. That’s why we’ve added essential oils like peppermint and spearmint to favorites like UPLIFT. They give you the energy needed to start your day with the best intentions.

Just as each yoga pose serves a unique purpose, so do our essential oils. Whether you’re soothing muscle tension with organic basil oil or strengthening your body with sandalwood oil, ZENSE offers the perfect combination to help you achieve your personal goals.

An Inviting Revelation

The benefits are clear. Spiritually speaking, yoga and aromatherapy have been cherished for thousands of years. In modern terms, science has finally caught up to nature’s amazing healing potential. By pairing ancient postures designed to stimulate the body and mind along with aromatherapy, your practice will elevate more than ever.

ZENSE has taken the limitlessness of the human experience and capsulized it into each custom blend. No matter where you are, our portable aromatherapy diffusers help you tap into higher states of consciousness. Aromatherapy may be the missing ingredient needed to help you reach (and maintain) the level of mindfulness you so deeply desire. Our blends detoxify the seen and unseen aspects of your life, helping you clear and restore balance.

With the perfect combination, you’ll begin to experience the instant benefits of aromatherapy. Let ZENSE become the catalyst that helps you experience a divine spiritual awakening!



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