It’s All About Personal Aromatherapy

Advancements in science and technology have completely redefined healthcare. We now live in a world where it is much easier to stay healthy and vibrant. On average, people are living much longer than we used to a century ago. Today, we can thank the wonders of modern medicine for the youthfulness we enjoy. Well, that goes for most people…

If you took a deep look into yourself and examined the quality of your life, would you be satisfied with what you saw? Are you happy and at peace? Do you suffer, at least occasionally, from stress and anxiety? If you find yourself struggling from time to time, we want to offer you a solution – one that can help you reinvent your perspective as you begin to look at life through a holistic lens.

Back to Nature

Over the last decade or so, humans have become more inspired by the power of all things natural. People are becoming more aware of our place in the ebb and flow of the Universe, and they’re increasingly adopting a more organic approach to their lives. We’re becoming more focused on areas like wellness and healthcare, and practices such as yoga, meditation, and paleolithic diets are becoming commonplace.

Some call it an epidemic, we say it’s a conscious shift and the results we’re seeing are mind-blowing!

Even still, society has relied on synthetic and chemical-based entities for many years. That means we still have a long way to go until we’re completely healed.

Modernizing Ancient Traditions

Since the beginning of time, human beings have relied on practices like aromatherapy to help them experience the multitude of gifts nature affords. All-natural therapy has been the source of immeasurable levels of peace and long-lasting joy. It’s time for us to bring these ancient healing methods back into the modern world.

Aromatherapy applies the results of scientifically-backed studies to utilize the restorative properties of various plants and herbs. These all-natural ingredients are mindfully sourced and carefully extracted into aromatic essential oils. Those natural oils and their fragrance “tags” hold the key to a healthy lifestyle and holistic wellness.

When you engage in a personal aromatherapy routine, you treat yourself to numerous psychological, immunological, and spiritual benefits. Aromatherapy is a unique experience, one that should be catered to your individual needs. By tailoring your therapy, you allow yourself to place your own stamp on the direction of your healing.

Experience it however you want! Whether you choose an amazing essential oil massage or if you wish to flood your environment with the enlightening scent of diffusers or aroma candles, the choice is all yours. With time, you’ll learn to identify exactly how to balance your mood, giving you total control over the direction of your life.

The convenience of ZENSE personal aromatherapy diffusers places the power of ancient remedies right in the palm of your hands. Adding diversity to your experience, you’ll be treated to magical solutions that help regulate your moods, healing you from stress, anxiety, and depression.

As an added bonus, certain essential oils also possess strong anti-microbicidal and immunity boosting properties. Aromatherapy is the epitome of holistic healing, sharing remedies to restore your body’s balance from the inside out.

Using Essential Oils

Due to the potency of essential oil concentrates, you should never apply them directly to your skin. Instead, try diluting your favorite therapeutic oils in your bath water or steam them in the shower. You can also try applying a few drops into an essential oil reed. Electric diffusers at home or in the office are another popular option.  

Essential oil candles are another cherished solution. Use them to help lighten the atmosphere and uplift your mood. To experience instant therapy on demand, consider the added benefits of using personal aromatherapy essential oil diffusers as well. Portable, yet potent, these handheld solutions provide the convenience you need to stay at peace, anywhere, anytime, around anyone.  Aromatherapy vs. Pharmaceuticals

Aromatherapy has established itself as a proven pain reliever for thousands of years. Although pharmaceuticals are the more popularized solution, many people prefer the chemical-free effects of plant-based, all-natural painkillers. The former often results in various forms of addiction and they can also present a laundry list of harmful side effects on the body. That latter leaves you peacefully pain-free, no additives involved.

Measuring the effectiveness of aromatherapy varies on a case by case basis, but countless studies have proven the impact natural solutions have on reducing chronic pain. Essential oils are particularly effective in the treatment of gynecological and obstetrical suffering. They’ve also been recorded for aiding in the recovery from fatigue, emotional stressors, skin conditions and common respiratory ailments.

We always tell our users not to think of ZENSE as trying something new. Rather, our version of aromatherapy stimulation is nothing more than remembering the powerful medicines our ancestors once used. Before society was driven by a capitalist affinity for Big Pharma, we lived and thrived on the cures buried like treasures in our environment!

Embrace Nature With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy helps balance your spiritual aura and is a great way to regain energy after a tiring day. Its healing properties are much better for you than alcohol or caffeine. Without side effects or addiction, this practice leaves you enveloped in a state of calm that’s shared throughout your body, mind, and soul.

Essential oils bring balance to disturbances in the spiritual energy centers of the body, also known as “chakras”. They help release blockages caused by stress and negativity, replacing that trapped energy with vibrant feelings that brighten your day. These miraculous mood-enhancements aren’t due to chance or luck. The aromatic oils used in every ZENSE blend are rich in terpenes and mono-terpenes, the natural chemicals science attributes to the invigorating sensation we feel when we immerse ourselves in nature.  

When you’re facing a hectic work day or upcoming exams, let the power of aromatherapy bring you clarity and focus. Our essential oils help you tap into a sense of strength and understanding that will change the way you view the world forever. As an all-natural plant-based remedy to a variety of needs, ZENSE presents you with a personalized menu that allows you to live out your purpose, no matter what challenges life throws your way.

Now, it’s time for you to experience the effects of this ancient practice for yourself. Give one of our blends a try, then tell all your friends about aromatherapy’s healing power!