The Healing Arts: Using Essential Oils and Crystals Together

It’s virtually impossible to mark the point in time when essential oils and crystals were first appreciated for their mystical healing abilities. For eons, civilizations have used these ancient tools to help people live long, healthy, enriching lives. Together, they offer levels of awareness that surpasses all stress and concern. One may even go as far as to suggest that this heavenly combination is responsible for the most magnificent advancements we’ve ever seen in the world.

While some of its power remains unproven, experts have revealed that this enchanting duo presents a myriad of benefits. It’s been proven that essential oils and crystals work together to create a therapeutic experience. The result is a level of cognizance that can help you deal with life’s ups and downs while remaining calm, carefree, and productive.

How do they do it? Essential oils and crystals form the perfect union by stimulating your mind, body and spirit at two different levels. Through visual and olfactory sensory, their wonderful colors and enchanting aromas transform the vibrational energy and aura of your environment.

How to Use Crystals & Essential Oils the Right Way

Crystal healing is most effective when your treasures are kept in a highly visible place. You want to store them somewhere you pass by often, so you can be frequently reminded of the loving energy they bring. Many crystal users like to wear them as adornment in jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and rings. Others prefer a more simplistic approach and keep a few stored in their pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase.

The types of crystals you choose may impact the way you wish to partake in its intense, rejuvenating energy. Overall, crystals emit healing frequencies that offer the best results when they’re kept close, so its vibrations can be absorbed by the body.

While your crystals are sending energy out, they also draw vibrations in from your surroundings. It’s advised to periodically let the stones cleanse and recharge, so they can continue to serve their intended purpose. Simply place the crystals in sunlight or leave them out to charge under the moon. Rinsing them in ocean water or burying them in sand are also great ways of clearing your crystals.

As we’ve mentioned, each crystal has a particular purpose; a power all its own. In the same way, you can heal yourself through the power of essential oils. Each blend serves a unique function that can help you through any mood.

Like crystals, essential oils can be used in whatever way that makes you most comfortable. Apply select oils to diffusers, add them to your bath water, or carry them with you throughout the day by way of a portable diffuser, like the invigorating blends offered by ZENSE.

The best part about these stimulating tools is the way they give you the power to restore yourself on demand.

Cultivating Positivity

With a positive outlook, you can literally change the world. Use the following crystals and essential oils to remove clouds of negativity from your view and cultivate a more positive attitude.


  • Pyrite is a protective stone that helps eliminate negativity from your environment.
  • Citrine promotes happiness and mental clarity by activating the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th chakra.
  • Sugilite is a loving stone that protects your thoughts and helps you stay focused in the present moment.

Essential Oils:

  • Sandalwood oil has earned its place in history for its ability to uplift the mood and brighten one’s aura.
  • Lavender and Clary sage are great for promoting positivity and balancing your life.
  • Grapefruit oil is an amazing stress-reliever with a refreshing citrus scent that can brighten any situation.

Bringing these tools together, you create a space to tackle negativity from different angles.

Embracing Nature

Disconnect from everyday stress and reconnect with the environment by using the following essential oils and crystals to increase your closeness with nature.


  • Sunstone helps you clear your chakras and removes energy blockages. Use it to awaken the solar chakra and develop a connection with the healing powers of the sun.
  • Septarian helps promote joy by connecting you to the infinite powers of the Earth.

Essential Oils:

  • Pine oil is an exotic wooded fragrance that connects the mind to the vastness of fresh forest greens.
  • Vetiver has an aromatic earthly scent that makes you want to become one with nature.

As the greatest healer we’ll ever know, nature holds the solutions to all of our worries and concerns.

Realizing Your Goals

Learn to tackle your goals without fear or censure, using the following crystals and essential oils to help you develop deeper conviction towards your self-worth.


  • Chrysocolla provides you with inner strength and helps release negative emotions.
  • Moonstone helps stimulate confidence, relieve stress, and attract good fortune in love and business.
  • Jade is a peaceful stone that brings greater clarity to mind as you make plans to reach your highest potential.

Essential Oils:

  • Bergamot oil is an uplifting essential that adds a refreshing twist to your plans.
  • Jasmine, cedarwood, geranium, and vetiver help you strive for excellence.
  • Ylang-ylang boosts self-esteem while promoting inner joy and peace.

These combinations can help you strive to achieve your objectives and goals with greater focus.

Healthy Relationships

Crystals and essential oils can help you build healthy relationships as well. Through fulfilling bonds with the people we love, life gains greater meaning and purpose.


  • Garnet promotes heartwarming virtues like love, understanding and commitment.
  • Jade welcomes the harmony and balance that is critical in any healthy relationship.

Essential Oils:

  • Rose, bergamot, and lavender oils are excellent oils for placing you in a warm, loving mood.
  • Ylang-ylang promotes a sense of relaxation and calm that keeps relationships on a positive note.
  • Petitgrain helps you stay emotionally balanced, avoiding misunderstandings and heated disagreements.

Balanced Diet

Leading a healthy lifestyle actually begins with the things we put inside our bodies. With the right blend of crystals and essential oils, you can get some help with making better food choices and improving your diet.


  • Malachite helps you stay on track with your plans and lets you see all causes and effects clearly.
  • Apatite can help keep bad cravings under control, making it easier to stick to your diet.  

Essential Oils:

  • Vanilla, though not one of the most “traditional” essential oils, can help satiate your cravings for sweets.
  • Peppermint refreshes the atmosphere and is known to keep one’s dietary cravings balanced.

Personalizing Your Healing Experience

Everyone is different. We all have different tastes and desires, and we all go about them in different ways. ZENSE takes pride in offering an elite selection of quality all-natural essential oil blends designed to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your life. Knowing how powerful crystals are, we believe this combination will bring even more of an individualized touch to your experience. We suggest that you try using several different combinations of the essential oils and crystals suggested above, until you discover your ideal pairing.

As with most forms of natural therapy, the results may take some time. Some people report near-instant results as soon as they hold the right crystal in their hands. Others may need to discover the crystals that are best suited for their situation.

Combing crystal healing with aromatherapy, ZENSE users immerse themselves in an otherworldly experience. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll start to feel the effects of our coveted blends. In time, you’ll begin to intuitively recognize the crystal combinations that will help you overcome any situation.

Remember, crystals and essential oils care gifts from nature that can create miraculous transformations in our lives. Through the convenience of Zense portable aromatherapy diffusers and the easy application of crystal healing, you can unlock the door to a level of restoration that hasn’t been experienced since ancient times!