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How Wood Scents Affect the Human Body

We often marvel at the smell of flowers and warm breezes, but we can sometimes forget to appreciate the many healing properties found in the trees that give us clean AIR. Nature is cast with a wealth of wooded areas, each presenting its own unique benefits. Throughout the evolution of the human body, we’ve developed a connection to the organic elements around us. We miss many of these benefits in the modern world, but they can be regained by separating from the sterile habits we’ve grown to known and love.

Less trees means more stress; a concept that many still struggle to accept. Mental health has become an epidemic in our society, and few are willing to address the root; the cause before the effect.

A Civilized Decline

For hundreds of years, humans have been systematically detaching from nature. We’ve convinced ourselves that “civilization” is synonymous with being surrounded by sterile concrete. We’ve replaced fresh breezes with man-made HVAC systems. We forgo real flowers for silk alternatives. Our vegetables are canned, and our food is processed – we don’t spend a fraction of the time in nature that our ancestors once spent.

Those that came before us farmed, fished, and created habitats out amongst the elements. Today, our brains cry out for a sense of familiarity.

Time and again, researchers have proven how aromatherapy encourages positive reactions in the mind. Many have gone into great detail about the various herbs, plants, and flowers commonly used in aromatherapy practices. Today, we’re going to talk about another powerful element used to make healing essential oils.

The Healing Power of Wood

Did you know that the same health benefits can be found in wooded scents? Our minds have adapted to the wooded environments we’ve recently evolved from. Naturally, the smell of wood encourages a sense of comforting nostalgia.

Studies have proven that wooded aromas present a significant impact on the autonomic nervous system, the immune system, the endocrine system, and the brain. Like plant terpenes, wood triggers a marker in the mind that has been proven to reduce the heart rate, blood pressure, and the stimulation of brain activity. Researchers also took note of the way that stress-related hormones like adrenaline and cortisol decreased with the exposure of certain wooded scents.

When discussing the impact of aromatherapy, wood oils are often left out of the conversation. Through extensive research and study, ZENSE has identified a powerful bridge that multiplies the healing benefits of our blends. Because of results like this, we’ve added a number of enriching essential oils extracting from healing woods to our blends. It is one of the reasons users report such a soothing sensations from blends like AIR by ZENSE.

It’s not magic, it’s nature – and it’s time that you experience it’s soothing sensation for yourself. Give AIR a try and tell us how you like it.



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