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Understanding the Process: How Oxygen Therapy Works

The benefits of this form of all-natural healing are too numerous to count. One of the best things about oxygen therapy is the fact there is no right or wrong way to practice. Oxygen therapy is one of the easiest things you’ll ever participate in. In fact, you barely need to do anything to prepare.

This form of healing doesn’t require any prescriptions or special diets. You don’t even need to purchase any fancy gear. The only thing you need to do is take a deep breath of fresh air.

With just a few deep, cleansing breaths, you’ll be on your way to healing your body from the inside out. Let your lungs fill up with air and slowly exhale. Imagine that you’re breathing out all your stress, tension, and anxiety. With each breath, your body feels clearer and thoughts are calmed. That’s all you have to do.  

Where to Perform Oxygen Therapy

We’ve given you a few examples in other posts, but you’re free to practice wherever the air is clear. You can go hiking through designated trails or spend the weekend camping in the wilderness. If you feel led to wander and explore on your own, be safe, but have fun on your adventure!

Try not to rush the process. Give it time. You should start feeling the effects of these restorative breaths after a few hours. If you don’t have that much time to spare, don’t stress yourself. Whenever you can clock in a session out in the open air, that’s better than nothing at all. Use your lunch break, a few minutes in the morning, or whatever free time you have to spare. Using our beloved AIR by Zense blend, you can treat yourself to a quick session of oxygen therapy anytime, anywhere.

Experience Sensory Healing

While you’re out in the open air, let your senses take control. One by one, they’ll help you discover the many benefits nature has to offer.

The Power of Sight:

Relaxing views of mature trees, fresh flowers, and clear, blue skies are some of the most therapeutic doses you’ll experience out in nature. All these things thrive on life-giving oxygen; take your time and appreciate the power of the unseen.

Look at the rich colors dancing through the sky. Observe all the organic shapes floating by. Watch the way the animals and birds interact with one another. See how everything is peacefully resting in the perfect place, all out in the open air.

Pay attention to the way color psychology comes into play. You’ll see layers of blue and green in various shades, which promote feelings of health, wealth, abundance, vitality, and creativity. It’s also known to relieve you of stress, anxiety, and tension.  Using these visuals, your oxygen therapy session can become inspiration for later meditations.

Let everything sink in and allow the memories of the tranquility you see to help create bookmarks in your mind. These will take you back to this peaceful moment whenever you like.  

The Power of Sound:

Think about how many sounds you hear throughout the day. Elevator dings. Email alarms. Horns honking on the highway. Sound can either create calm or send you into a state of alarm. While you’re out in nature, try to concentrate on the former.

Relax at the sounds of birds chirping in the trees. Listen to the breeze whistle through the branches. Hear the soft crunch of leaves beneath your feet. Silence the stressful thoughts inside your mind and concentrate on the sound of peace. The more you calm yourself, the easier it’ll become to find it.

So many people train their brains to reach relaxing theta states with the help of audio tracks designed to imitate nature. Research has proven that these sounds actually encourage stress-relief. In our opinion, you can’t get any better than the real thing! Still, using your resources in the best way is what’s most important.

In 2017, a group of healthy adults were monitored, with the help of brain scans, behavioral evaluations, and systems to monitor changes in their heart rate. The results proved that the sounds heard in nature did, in fact, create physical changes in each participant’s brain activity. These changes showed significant decreases in the patient’s primal alarm instincts.

The Power of Smell:

You can smell the refreshing scent of nature, long before you’re lost in its foliage. That’s because the air is flooded with terpenes that smell as good as they feel. These mood-enhancing aromas are critical for balancing out the deficiency people experience when living in the city.

With all the different plants found in nature, a plethora of chemical compounds float around; each one presenting its own unique benefits. For instance, the citrus smell created by the terpene “limonene” is known for promoting emotional well-being.

The Power of Touch:

Scientists already proved the impact a hug has on the human mind. Physical touch releases calming hormones in the brain, which can soothe you in even the most stressful situations. Surprisingly enough, you can experience the same benefits from hugging or simply touching a tree. Through the power of touch, you open the gateway to experience the benefit of the natural compounds it produces. ZENSE blends like AIR remind you to connect with nature in a physical, and literal sense.

The Power of Taste:

Many of the fresh fruits and foods you enjoy are born somewhere out in nature, long before they make it to your local supermarket. Knowing this, you may become tempted to indulge in some of the berries, barks, leaves, mushrooms, or grass you discover on your journey; some of which may even turn into your newest favorite treat.

We’ve discussed the way Japanese culture has evolved to encourage various forms of oxygen therapy. Some restaurants even employ the wild flavors of the forest in their menus, to give visitors another element of therapeutic development.

Though the potential benefits are easily compounded, we’d like to caution you to do your due diligence. Unless you can unquestionably identify the vegetation, and classify it as poisonous or nonpoisonous, we don’t advise you to consume it. Instead, you can prepare a light, all-natural snack and take a break to enjoy what you’ve packed out in the open.

The taste of delicious treats can become another marker that helps you benefit from the power of oxygen therapy.

It’s amazing how one simple action, breathing in fresh air, can trigger so many responses. Reactions in the mind, body, and soul are the primary reason why essential oils are so effective in aromatherapy practices. Terpenes present a buffet of natural “medicines” that are taken in each time you breathe. If you don’t have time to explore the outdoors, allow AIR by ZENSE to take you on this enriching sensory experience.



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